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From startups to mature companies, this is where the digital transformation starts and where we find the key innovation opportunities. A cycle of up to 10 weeks, where we create and reinvent your business’ strategy through digital solution
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It’s hard to innovate from the inside. We integrate your team through highly specialized squads of designers and developers. Turnover, learning curve or team update on new technologies are no longer a problem. Our team will be your team, truly agile.


Where everything materializes. An expert, collaborative, agile and adaptable team focused on developing robust digital solutions from Flutter aplications to the most challenging AI algorithms. We deliver tested and scalable products.


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I’ve always wanted to produce my own apps. I had a lot of ideas, but I had never executed that plan. This year I decided to make it happen and went after some companies that could help me with that. That’s when I met Fonseca, through the recommendation of some of my partners here at Los Grandes. I had a chat with him, presented my project and I really liked him and the structure they provide, always acting in a very agile, transparent and clear way.

El Gato
Partner | Los Grandes

It’s a team with an unusual energy, smart people, easy to deal with and talk to. I remember the first time I saw a Loomi project, the STRM project, for a startup in the music market and I saw that design, started browsing and thought “I found the people outside the box”. And soon after that we started another project with our furniture startup Spaceflix.

Fabio Fakri
Sócio | Futurum Capital

I spent a long time looking for someone in the market, some partner that had the same footprint, DNA and the same will to make it happen. To make mistakes and correct the route quickly, to deliver with quality, and we found this partner. Today this partnership is essential for us, the trust, the level of quality, the precision that we have over time is wonderful.

Rodrigo Barcellos
COO | Pro Frotas

I am very happy with our partnership this year. It is a team that makes me think a lot about innovation, very hands-on and this is a great differential, they are working on our program Agrostart, a great program of open innovation at BASF, which connects innovation companies, Agtechs and BASF intrapreneurs, to take innovation to the field, to BASF customers. It is a very successful partnership.

Eduardo Menezes
Digital Product Innovation Manager | BASF

Talented young people, Loomi has been a super important partner for Boston Scientific, to challenge the way things are done, to question the status quo, to bring a little bit of that fresh look at things. They are a vital partner in that process.

Vicente Barretto
Marketing Manager | Boston Scientific

Loomi is a lot of creativity, agility, and flexibility. They bring all of this to its day-to-day activities and to the conduction of projects. Thinking about the dynamics of multinationals, which can be complex, these characteristics are the ideal marriage to think of new solutions. With the projects we have today, I have seen Loomi deliver  applications in 3/4 months, with a great flexibility to deal with possible difficulties. It has been great to work with you, you have been my right hand in conducting so many important projects for the company. Congratulations on the work, I am very satisfied. Thanks to the whole team.

Carol Koike
Head of Innovation | BASF Agro

A team with drive, commitment, and competence. We can see that the team is committed to what it does. This partnership is important because we realize that the success of Smart Síndico is the success of Loomi, it is not just a client/supplier relationship, but we understand that Loomi places itself as part of the business, and this is the importance of the partnership. To see that the partner is an integral part of the business.

Cássio Thut
CEO | SmartSíndico

Loomi is a team of young, fearless, daring people who can think of very different solutions to the challenges we have. We live in a super complex world, we need to look at problems as opportunities and look in a new way to find unconventional solutions, and that is why Loomi has become such a strategic partner for Learning Village, our education and technology hub, and for HSM itself in our events, Academy and co-branded areas. Loomi is a super important partner and it is a delight to work with them because they bring a lightness, a very cool project management with real time monitoring and I highly recommend it.

Patrícia Badanais
Head of Operations | HSM

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